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I give vocal coaching specifically to those who want to build up or improve their authentic expression through singing. New beginners are also taught basic techniques but if you are already an advanced singer, a journey into exploring your full capacity through your unique individual sound is what I help you develop and master. For those aspiring to be authentic and wish to find their own style, I have a lifelong experience and tools that can help you get there.

To those interested in the more holistical way of using and working with your vocals, I also give tips on how to work with the chakras when there are blockages and I also combine this with conventional physiology.


Are you a beginner in the music industry? Do you need basic knowledge and help on where to start and how to navigate? I can help you get an overview about the different music platforms that are necessary to know about. This could be about music publishing, music distribution etc. Most importantly I can help you clarify your artistic vision and goal so that you are ready when the time is right to take off. After years of experimenting and sometimes in the dark, I know now how important it is to have a clear direction and vision. As mentioned above, it is from experience, but I have taken a few excellent courses such as Innovative Music Management in Denmark and this has broadened my knowledge.